The Herald 4/20 print edition was missing pages 17-36.

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Wildwood Crest - The Herald 4/20 print edition was missing pages 17-36. We tried different outlets and found no complete copies. Glad it was free.

Moderator's Note: 
So sorry you found these incomplete copies. This can happen if the second section does not get inserted properly. Any such copies are typically corrected or discarded by the good folks printing and packaging the Herald each Tuesday night. Obviously, some partial copies slipped by. We've received no other such reports; so, we trust this was a very limited lapse. Of course, a complete weekly edition is available online - posted each Tuesday afternoons - at, for as less than $1/week. For a limited time, get $5 off your digital subscription. Be sure you're logged into your Herald user account. Go here:; click the Get Started button, then enter the promo code: 5off
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