I could care less if Trump releases his taxes.

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Wildwood / Collingdale - I could care less if Trump releases his taxes. So what that almost 400,000 signed a petition for President Trump to release his taxes? Over 57 percent of Americans thought Hillary Clinton should have been charged with a crime. Was she, no. I'm sure the White House will give a response, as required. Is their response going to be what you want to hear? Nope. Trump is going to be our president for the next four years. You should be more worried about people like me. I'm one of the 90,000 Democrats in Pennsylvania who not only voted for Trump, I also switched to the Republican Party.

Moderator's Note: 
According to a Washington Post article July 11, 2016, "The Post-ABC poll found 56 percent disapprove of Comey's recommendation against charging Clinton while 35 percent approve."
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