11/3 issue: a tasty platter served.

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West Wildwood - 11/3 issue: a tasty platter served. CM-Obama flew to McAuliff rally on our dime, not a peep. I'll peep loudly. No McAuliff campaign funds. DJT flies to many rallies on AF One, our dime. SIC-worries of Nat'l Pronoun Day(really) while China tests missile, we do that too, should we just bomb them? Avalon-Joe "let it flow" ($), less you forget DJT's 1.9 tril to wealthiest, many pay no taxes. WLD-Joe's trips to Del. and Md.($), DJT final golf resort bill (correction not 1,444,000 but 144,000,000 fact)! If you have a taste for a HYPOCRISY platter, it's here for you every week with dessert!!

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