Moderator I posted a spout from Martha’s Vineyard.

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Stone Harbor - Moderator I posted a spout from Martha’s Vineyard. I’m also a stone harbor resident. I want to know why you didn’t post it. There was no rule broken and to quite honest I was posting something that I saw with my eyes and live it not just some guesses from the 3 commenters who apparently have an answer to everything. Please tell me why the post was delete

Moderator's Note: 
Dear Spouter, I appreciate your expression, but there are many reasons a spout may be deleted. There has been a deluge of spouts about the immigrants being bussed and flown to sanctuary cities,including Martha's Vineyard. I mean a tsunami of spouts and they were all over the board. I'm sorry yours was not posted but it became a matter of cutting and yours did not make the cut. Please continue to spout but remember our forum will always favor local topics.
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