Waah! no more plastic bags. Waah!

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Seaville - Waah! no more plastic bags. Waah! marijuana is legal and stores are coming. Waah! electric cars. Waah! inflation. Waah! high gas prices. Waah! they are building McMansions. Waah! no more parking kiosks. Waah! #covfefe might return to Twitter. Waah! they are walking dogs on the beaches. Waah! second homeowners and tourists are coming. Waah! it's windy. Waah! look at all the beach erosion. Waah! high food prices. Waah! Covid is coming back. Waah! I don't want the vaccine. Waah! all of the political flags. Waah! the new lifeguard building in Stone Harbor. Waah! feral cats. Waah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moderator's Note: 
Are you saying there is a lot to cry about and a ot of people are doing their best to help out ?
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