Does anyone have any information on the study of the contaminati

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Rio Grande - Does anyone have any information on the study of the contamination at the county airport that was commissioned by the county on Nov. 24, 2015 with Tetra Tech? The contract was for just shy of $1.5 million to evaluate and remediate the toxins at the county airport. The county was required to have the findings to the state Department of Environmental Protection by May 7, 2016. It seems like we should have heard something by now!

Moderator's Note: 
The County Engineer's Office provided the Herald with the July 6, 2016, Tetra Tech letter to DEP regarding the airport remedial investigation. "Since 2013 (the firm) conducted soil and/or groundwater investigations on all areas of concern...The firm has completed a soil vapor and geophysical survey of most of the industrial park, logged approximately 405 soil borings, 58 hand soil probes, 89 test pits and collected approximately 533 soil samples for analytical laboratory analysis." It also conducted two rounds of groundwater samples at over 71 monitoring wells, sampled 67 temporary and 15 groundwater monitor wells, and collected 224groundwater samples for analysis. It estimated $750,000 would be needed to conduct remedial investigation work for all areas of concern. Additionally, the firm developed cost estimates of about $1.6 million for all remedial action, which includes permits, monitoring, and reporting. The firm has 20 sites in the airport with various dates in 2017 to submit to DEP results of remedial investigations.
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