I'm sorry Herald - not liking the new online format.

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North Cape May - I'm sorry Herald - not liking the new online format. It is understood that sponsorship is a big part of your survival, however, it is overpowering your content.

Moderator's Note: 
We appreciate the feedback - more specific feedback would be better. As you say, sponsorship – in various forms – is the fuel that drives the Herald engine…keeping content available without charge to our 250,000+ weekly readers through our various media channels. Messages from our sponsors are also part of the content valued by our readers. [According to a recent independent survey, 80 percent of our print readers say they frequently purchase products or services from Herald ads.] If you feel the nature or level of sponsorship is adversely impacting your experience at CapeMayCountyHerald.com, please email admin@cmcherald.com with specific examples.
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