There was a shooting in Woodbine Feb. 21.

Woodbine - There was a shooting in Woodbine Feb. 21. Why isn't information on shootings, stabbings, drug busts, or DUIs ever reported in the newspaper for Woodbine residents? Middle Township, Lower Township, Wildwood, etc., have information on police arrests reported in the Herald, but Woodbine does not. I certainly would be interested in this information and would want to know if I should be extra cautious in my daily activities.

Editor's Note: 
The Herald doesn't receive press releases/information from State Police like we do from other police departments in the county. A member of the public alerted us to the shooting in Woodbine, and we were able to get some information from a State Police spokesperson in Trenton. The information on the shooting was published on the Herald’s website after this spout was submitted.
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